Proposal Writing

We think like evaluators and know how to present your business case in the best possible light. 

Our managed service covers every aspect of the proposal from layout to submission.  


Investor Funding Proposal Writing

Sadly many bid writers just copy and paste from your existing business plan, adding little value to the process. Our clients know we are different; we work with you from the ground up to develop a complete structure for your project aligned to the specific requirements of the funding evaluators.

Business led focus

We take an holistic approach to securing your funding. From a technology background we take a business led approach to create a compelling case for investment. There are many technical or bid writers with a variety of backgrounds and experience, but when you decide to work with us you have the advantage of working with senior business people and business owners who will understand the value of your technology.

Understanding the value of your technology

Our proposal writing service starts with a Innovation Workshop where we will begin with a one or possibly two day intensive workshop at your premises. We will emerge from this with a complete project and work package structure including hard hitting project objectives and a first pass estimate of resources, costs and grant.

Understanding your needs and skills

We understand that all clients are different and have unique skill sets of their own. In some cases the client will have exceedingly good business plan writing skills, but lack the detailed knowledge of the Commission requirements and "Commission speak".We will work with your team building the value of your innovation and business case taking responsibility for the completion of the proposal and its submission. Because we have the tools and a structured analytical approach we can keep costs to a minimum and complete the proposals in a most efficient and timely fashion.

An ethical approach before we agree a contract

We pride ourselves on an ethical approach, before you agree to sign a contract with us we will hold a preliminary conference call about your proposal and if we do not think you have a reasonable chance of success we will not proceed and not waste your money.

Contact us for a confidential discussion about your requirements